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American Tubs Soaking Tub

Discover the Safety and Luxury of a Soaker Walk-in Tub

American Tubs is a top designer of the most luxurious and safe walk-in bathtub on the market today. We carry a wide variety of styles and models that are tailor-made to fit your personal needs. Individuals with limited mobility may find it difficult and almost impossible to enter a standard tub without risk of injury. Many times a fold-up chair is used to ensure that they are safe while bathing. This is not an ideal situation.

“We found a company that gives us exactly what we were looking for. When they installed it, they came and did the demolition and just did everything exactly like they were supposed to do it. I was quite happy with the work and with the excellent crew, and they did everything that is supposed to be done.”

Those who enjoy our walk-in tub will find that the low- threshold allows for safe entry and exit. Individuals with varying degrees of mobility can feel a sense of independence and confidence at American Tubs. We have spent much time designing and configuring our models to support the elderly and disabled. Our main safety features, like the easy grip doorlock and safety lock thermostat to prevent burn injuries, are unique and bring quality and safety to the forefront of our walk-in tubs. American Tubs offers a variety of luxurious add-ons that complete the walk-in tub. The air-massage system features 20 individual jets, placed strategically throughout the tub. The air bubbles cling to the skin to promote circulation. The hydro-massage system uses six to ten jets that are more vigorous with the more focused purpose to reach aching areas. Chromatherapy is a brilliant feature that has been shown to help balance and enhance a person’s physical, spiritual, and mental energy by using LED lighting. American Tubs believes high-quality materials and ergonomically created, safe, and luxurious designs set us apart from other walk-in tub manufacturers. Call us today for your personalized order.

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